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“It is a great idea, carried off to perfection in this superb disc. To put it another way, this is brilliant musicianship and playing of some of Bach’s most enjoyable suites of dances.”
– Soundboard Magazine

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*(arr. Montenegrin Guitar Duo for 2 guitars)

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J. S. Bach
English Suites Nos. 1-3

English Suite No. 1
in A Major, BWV 806

1. I. Prelude
2. II. Allemande
3. III. Courante I
4. IV. Courante II
5. IV. Double I
6. IV. Double II
7. V. Sarabande
8. VI. Bourree I –
VII. Bourree II

9. VIII. Gigue

English Suite No. 2
in A Minor, BWV 807

10. I. Prelude
11. II. Allemande
12. III. Courante
13. IV. Sarabande
14. V. Bourree I – II
15. VI. Gigue

English Suite No. 3
in G Minor, BWV 808

16. I. Prelude
17. II. Allemande
18. III. Courante
19. IV. Sarabande
20. V. Gavotte I – II
21. VI. Gigue

* All pieces arranged and recorded by Danijel Cerovic and Goran Krivokapic (Montenegrin Guitar Duo).



“[…] This sonata by Haydn […] is presented by Krivokapic with a precision and a passion for detail, equal to that of an Andras Schiff ..”
– Il Fronimo

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C.P.E. Bach
Sonata in A-minor

1. Poco Adagio
2. Allegro
3. Allegro

J. Haydn
Sonata in D. HOB XVI:33 (No 34)

4. Allegro
5. Adagio
6. Tempo di Menuet

A. Jose
Sonata para guitarra

7. Allegro Moderato
8. Minueto
9. Pavana Triste

Chamber Music for Guitar and Piano


CD of the Week
Fine Music Radio, South Africa

“When two true virtuosos such as the fantastic guitarist Goran Krivokapic and the equally brilliant pianist Corneli Smit conspire and enter this fallow field together, the expert is all ears. Smit and Krivokapić are certainly the right ones to make this genre popular again. This excellent CD provides the evidence.”
– Akustik Gitarre magazine, Germany

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Anton Diabelli
Grande Sonata Brillante, Op. 102

1. Adagio – Allegro
2. Adagio (ma non tanto)
3. Allegro – Trio

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Fantasia for guitar and piano Op. 145

4. Andantino (quiet and dreamy)
5. Vivacissimo (leggero e volante)

Dusan Bogdanovic
Sonate Printanière for guitar and piano*

6. Rubato lirico
7. Adagio lirico
8. Con umore
9. Allegro brillante

Hendrik Hofmeyr

10. Rapsodia Notturna per Chitarra e Pianoforte*

*World première recording

Montenegrin Guitar Duo


“The Krivokapić and Cerović guitar duo (Montenegrin Guitar Duo) is an exceptional guitar ensemble. These outstanding artists play my Sonata Fantasia with a deep understanding of the text and have impeccably captured the spirit of my music with a great sense of drama and temperament. I am sure other composers would be thrilled and honored to have such a brilliant representation of their work. Bravo!”
– Dušan Bogdanović – composer

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Ástor Piazzolla
Tango Suite

1. Deciso (Tango No. 1)
2. Andante (Tango No. 2)
3. Allegro (Tango No. 3)

Carlo Domeniconi
Circus Music Op. 54a for two guitars

4. The Argentine Knife Thrower
5. Spanish Riders on Greek Horses
6. The Wax Museum
7. The Duck Race
8. Plik, the Flea of the Andes
9. The Ural Magic Voice and the Don Cossaks

10. The Fire Brigade “On Ice”
11. The Yogi who Dissappears through the Key Hole

12. The Orchestra Says Good-Bye

Dusan Bogdanovic
Sonata Fantasia for two guitars

13. Allegro ritmico
14. Adagio rubato
15. Allegro molto



Guitar’s TOP 100
by Enrique Robichaud

“This recording […] can compete with any Sor disc on the market, with technically unimpeachable playing and a program that perhaps resembles one Sor himself might have chosen.”
– Allmusic.com

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1. Etudes, Op. 6: no 1 in D major, Moderato
2. Etudes, Op. 6: no 2 in A major, Andante allegro
3. Etudes, Op. 6: no 3 in E major
4. Etudes, Op. 6: no 4, Allegretto
5. Etudes, Op. 6: no 5 in B minor, Andante
6. Etudes, Op. 6: no 6 in A major, Andante allegro
7. Etudes, Op. 6: no 7, Allegro
8. Etudes, Op. 6: no 8 in C major, Andantino
9. Etudes, Op. 6: no 9 in A minor, Andante allegro
10. Etudes, Op. 6: no 10 in A major, Moderato
11. Etudes, Op. 6: no 11 in E minor, Allegro moderato
12. Etudes, Op. 6: no 12 in A major, Andante

13. Fantasia for Guitar in C minor, Op. 7: Largo
14. Fantasia for Guitar in C minor, Op. 7: Theme and Variations

15. Divertimentos, Op. 8: no 1, Minuet
16. Divertimentos, Op. 8: no 2, Waltz
17. Divertimentos, Op. 8: no 3, Andantino
18. Divertimentos, Op. 8: no 4, Allegretto scherzoso
19. Divertimentos, Op. 8: no 5, March
20. Divertimentos, Op. 8: no 6, Waltz

21. Variations for Guitar on a theme from Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’, Op. 9

Guitar Recital


Golden Guitar Award
for best cd of the year 2005

“If you can listen without at least wanting to move to the beat, you probably don’t have the volume right. Technique throughout is superb. The artist knows his music!”
– Aeroknow.com

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Franz Werthmuller
Piano Sonata in A major, Op. 17 (arr. F. Pfeifer)

1. I. Allegro
2. II. Lento
3. III. Rondo Vivace

J. S. Bach
Violin Sonata No. 3 in C major, BWV 1005
(trans. G. Krivokapic)

4. I. Adagio
5. II. Fuge
6. III. Largo
7. IV. Allegro assai

Domenico Scarlatti

8. Keyboard Sonata in E major, K. 162/L.21/P.162
9. Keyboard Sonata in A major, K. 208/L.238/P.315
10. Keyboard Sonata in A major, K. 209/L.428/P.209

Dusan Bogdanovic
Guitar Sonata No. 2

11. I. Allegro deciso e appassionato
12. II. Adagio molto espressivo
13. III. Scherzo malinconico
14. IV. Allegro ritmico


“There is a goodly helping of music by Isaac Albéniz, Francisco Tárrega and Gaspar Sanz, with a fleeting visit from Joaquín Rodrigo and Manuel de Falla, the seventeen tracks taken from Naxos’s enormous catalogue of guitar discs. An abundance of atmospheric Spanish strumming, with many famous melodies to form that pleasing backdrop, the disc featuring a long list of performers including famous names, such as Norbert Kraft, and major guitar competition winners over many years.”
– David’s Review Corner

14,99 €
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